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AZ Gong Meditations

This digitized gong CD is a full hour of meditative gong.

This highly effective CD has sold more copies worldwide than any other gong CD!

It is Jaap Kaur's preferred and only recommended gong CD.

Gong CDs are helpful for everyone. Turn the volume to just the level you enjoy the most on your best sound system and lie in a comfortable place--bed, sofa, chair, or floor. It is a compliment to the gong to snore, works even better.

If you feel restless during any gong meditaion inhale and tense up your body, hold that breath and tension for a while and relax, use as needed because this technique helps the nervous system adjust to the higher vibration."

Relax and enjoy this natural easy meditation that cleans the aura, the subconscious and opens and balances the chakras and meridians

The gong is a doorway to the unconscious mind. The mind has no defense against the gong, which vibrates the human body on a molecular level. It vibrates the skin, the largest organ of the body. The gong has the ability to open the chakras and open up the energy channels for the body to heal.

$18.00 US Dollars includes worldwide shipping. Pay on-line from anywhere in US dollars. For money order payments in US dollars contact jaap-kaur@cox.net for directions

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