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Arizona Gong Meditations


Let go and Let the gong do the work while you relax, 

Effortlessly receive stress-relieving benefits.

  • Start with short (9 to 12 minutes) & light Kundalini yoga to start the energy flowing.
  • Then lie back and let the Gong Experience Heal the Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • Helps to Align the Chakras, Clean the Aura, Strengthen Nervous System, Clear the Sub-conscious mind and more!

Delicious & Nutritious Snacks afterwards.

Gong Meditations

Start with a Brief and Gentle Heart Chakra Yoga Warm-up.

Year long continuing theme - Prosperity and healing on all levels - personal, local, and global. Find your inner balance with the netural mind.

Come share in the healing energy "Open the Heart & Neutralize the Mind through Energizing Kundalini Yoga, Breath, and Meditation"

Open the Heart Chakra to vibrate your inner truth, love, joy, and kindness. Feel what is needed, be present and steady in your neutral mind.

Kundalini Yoga Class Theme - Open the Throat Chakra to vibrate truth and bring it down to the heart chakra where love and kindness will deliver it in a way it cannot hurt. Create balance, harmony, and alignment. Strengthen the physical body to support the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth through Energizing Kundalini Yoga, Breath, and Meditation.

Healing Prosperity Gong Meditations: Mat 24th 2014, June 28th 2014

- 7:00pm- $15 Guru Nanak Ashram, Phoenix, Arizona

3rd Saturday - Special Healing Prosperity Gong celebration in Central Phoenix :

Healing Prosperity Gong celebrations in Central Arizona